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The need for medical care and health education pervades both developing nations and the lower socioeconomic populations of rich countries.

  1. This need is often magnified by natural disasters as larger health and relief organizations struggle to meet the needs of only the most acutely affected populations or begin to withdraw after the immediate crisis has subsided.
  2. Mobile Medical Team is dedicated to providing self-sustaining health care and special services to people without access in both the United States and abroad.
  3. Mobile Medical Team strives to develop health care programs, centers, and educational programs using innovative and proven methodologies while simultaneously incorporating and melding with local customs and cultures.

Programs: Mobile Medical Team is currently engaged in the following programs locally and internationally.

  • Project Bay Area: This program provides comprehensive health care to San Francisco Bay Area-based homebound elderly patients, end-of-life hospice patients, un- or un-insured children and their caregivers, and disabled adults and children. 
  • Blossom Childcare: Blossom offers customized support services to children coping with traumatic or difficult situations, including domestic violence, neglect, illness, injury or death of a parent or sibling, difficult separation or divorce, emotional injury, or other traumatic situation. 
  • Diffusion: Click here for the games. The Diffusion program, with its partner — Facebook’s — has an international medical portal designed to reduce the impact of malnutrition, infectious disease, and other deficits for resource poor communities.
  • Tanzania Health Projects: Mobile Medical Team continues to provide health and community programs in and around Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.
  • Prism: Click here for a demo. The Team’s past work with development and disaster relief revealed vast sums of funds and resources were lost – usually due to redundancies and the lack of a system with real time updating of use of funds. There was also a lack of real-time tracking of key performance indices for each recipient organization. The Team developed a digital tool, the Financial Transparency and Organization Coordination Tool, or “Prism,” in partnership with Intuit. It provides donors and recipient organizations with real-time data on flow of funds and their use.
  • Thin Chart: Click here for the infographic. Iris-scan authenticated, patient controlled medical charts (cloud-based) with unique identifiers. Forthcoming.

Founded in 2006, Mobile Medical Team is a Bay Area-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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